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People who have a fear of flying manifest their fears in different ways and at different times. Some can experience anxiety weeks before the scheduled flight, where others never worry until the final approach to landing! Captain Mark has a lifetime of personal flight experience and over 20 years as an airline pilot. The No Fear Flight program was developed as an aid to assist anyone that experiences anxiety in the air. As your personal coach, Captain Mark and his program will help you overcome your fear of flying.

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"Captain Mark Kaufman was in my employment at CC AIR, US Airways Express from 1989 until I left in 2001 to join the FAA. He was an exceptional airman and pilot that I could always count on to do his job correctly, professionally, and with safety being paramount. Captain Kaufman exhibited the attitude, personality, flying skills, and leadership qualities that are required of a professional pilot. It is without reservation that I recommend Mark Kaufman to you."

Aviation Safety Inspector
Federal Aviation Administration

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